It is very important that you put yourself out there and advertise your brand as crucial factor of successful business, so you could announce that your business is alive and working on delivering the top products and services. But, what can you do to get your brand seen and heard? Here are some directions on how to successfully imply your brand existence.
  1. Get involved on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +

Presence and unbreakable presence on social networks is crucial for your business, but can also be of great help in establishing your brand, so you just need to make few accounts and manage it effectively on daily basis, share your opinion, post and tweet. You can also hire a professional social media manager to manage your social network accounts for you.
  1. Post a video on your web site and on You Tube

You can always make a video where you can describe what your company is all about, which has shown to be very effective in establishing business brands and gaining more personal approach with your clients and potential customers. Since You tube is also a type of a social network with vast number of visitors, it would be great that you also post your video there and establish your brand name.
  1. Promote your brand

There are great ways of promoting your business and reserving your brand name, so you can print business cards, make flyers and other marketing material. It is also very effective that you promote your business brands across blogs, comments and by posting links to other friendly websites.
  1. Make marketing newsletters and emails

Newsletters and marketing emails are another great way of getting your brand seen and heard, for besides looking very professional it also help you advertise your business and engage your targeted audience.
  1. Make presentations

Presentations can really help you depict your business goals and stress out your company’s achievements, as well as aid you in establishing your brand and explaining wide public what your business is all about.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way of getting your voice heard and at the same time presenting your brand in the best light, increasing your trafficking and advertising for free. Blogging can take your brand long way ahead if done regularly, so if you don’t have enough time to blog on daily basis, you should consider hiring a professional blogger.
  1. Partnerships and sharing ideas

Meeting new people from your industry and beyond its borders is very important, so you can establish your brand by starting a partnership with a company you have appreciation for, expand your targeted audience and show your capabilities and skills, that way helping your brand in becoming more popular. Always be ready to share your ideas, transforming them to great business opportunities and ventures.
  1. Make your brand name comprehensive and catchy

In order to make a perfect brand name you need to predetermine what are your business characteristics, list important things regarding your services, establish your company identity and decide what your company is all about. When taken all these factors into consideration, you can create your brand and make it sound catchy, but professional at the same time. You should also consider follow these directions when naming your blog and choosing your website host name.
Social media Networks count millions of visits per day, which makes it a great way to transform your business to more accessible service provider, but social network platforms can also assure your company’s brand identity, so it is very important to be actively involved with your targeted audience and potential customers. There are some places on the network which could effectively help you to claim your brand and reach out to your clients.
  1. Google Maps

Google maps are a great way to claim your brand and show your availability in form of address, country, phone number and email, so your clients can find you easily. Google maps can also help you increase your online visibility, consequently raising your Google rates.
  1. Google +

Google + is actually more than just a common social network, on which you can also share, post, advertize, announce novelties regarding your business achievements, and of course get +1’d. +1 ratings are considered as very favorable at Google, so the more pluses you are getting on your account, the more visible you get on Google search engine. Google + is maybe one of the best ways of starting your online business profiles, claiming your brand and interacting with your potential clients.
  1. Facebook

Facebook is maybe the best social network for getting socially involved as an individual, but that makes it also a great for business owners looking for potential clientele. There are some great apps on Facebook, such as Facebook Places, where you can easily state the place of your business and claim your brand in the way that everyone can see it.
  1. Foursquare

You might already have an account on Foursquare on your name, without even knowing it, so information entered by user can often be misleading and inaccurate. The best way of claiming your brand and preventing this scenario is to make an account on Foursquare, yourself.
  1. Yelp

Yelp is one of the most popular social review websites, where anyone can make reviews on any company’s products and services. If your brand is not registered on Yelp yet, you should probably go ahead and claim it, encouraging your clients to post reviews on your services.
  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great place for presenting your business online, and of course great way of claiming your brand. You can make an account under your company’s name, announce goals and achievements, and share your ideas. You can also hire different LinkedIn account users or get in touch with other companies and start partnerships.
  1. Manta

Manta is very similar to Yelp, but if you have Yelp account and established brand, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a profile on Manta, just the opposite. Apparently, the more your brand is talked about, the more you get popular with increased traffic along the way.
  1. Urban Spoon and

If you are a restaurant owner or you are running a hotel with restaurant and bar, then Urban Spoon and could really help you claim your brands and get your reviews, which might as well lead to more successful business. You just need to make a profile on one or both sites and you are ready.
  1. Blogs

Blogging is a great way of increasing your traffic and raising your rates. Be sure you are actively updating your blog so you could claim your brand and establish good reputation.
  1. Make your own Website

You can hire a professional web developer and designer to make your site for you, so you could claim your brand and showcase your business in any way you want. By choosing the right keywords for your web content and optimizing your site, traffic will be increased and you will be able to get more favorable ranks at search engines, as well as establishing your company’s brand.
When starting any business, you need to establish your brand in order to even start advertising, especially if you are planning to take your business online, which is the case in almost every business scenario. Among hundreds of companies offering the same or similar services to yours, you need to stand out from the crown and get your online brand up and running.

How to start?

Start is the crucial point of any branding, for it can determine the rest of the steps virally. You first need to decide what your branding is going to be about. Analyze your company’s important factors and decide what makes it the best in the branch, then come up with your personal branding. Your brand should be unique and original, depicting your company’s character.

Getting online

The first thing to do when taking your business online is to make your own website where you can showcase your products and services the way you want to. You company’s logo is another way to establish your brand and move forward to another level. It is the best that you hire a professional web designer and developer to create your personal website for you, along with getting your logo designed. It is also very important that your site is well-organized, for apparently, Google loves nicely categorized pages.

Optimizing – Applying good SEO techniques

Search engine optimization has the most effects when it’s done by professionals. If you are planning to get your brand up and running you can’t miss on hiring a professional SEO manager to optimize your pages for you. SEO includes optimizations with inbound links, proper usage of well researched keywords in your web content, relevance and importance of your written content, optimization of images on your site, tags, links, etc. SEO specialist will surely walk you through processes that need to be done, so your site can get the best rates possible.

Getting socially involved – Social Networking

Social networking puts a certain company’s brand in very favorable status at, both, clients and search engines. Besides, social networks are platforms with massive traffic, having millions of people interacting and sharing posts and opinion. You can make your business profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Places, Google+ and other social networks, and get someone to manage them for you if you feel that you don’t have enough time. Hiring a social media specialist is very important, because you need to be actively updating your tweets, posts and share your company’s news. By getting your company’s name up there, you will surely get your brand remembered, and up and running.

Work actively on your brand’s visibility

Even if you go through all crucial steps towards getting your brand up and running, it is impossible to succeed without consistent activity and maximal involvement. In order to establish your brand and reputation, you need to be active on social networks, follow up with new SEO trends and get your site updated, staying faithful to your brand and company’s name. By following these principals, your efforts will certainly pay off soon and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Traffic is anything but common triviality, so it definitely shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to your online visibility and great number of visitors on daily basis. By increasing your traffic and managing to keep it consistent, you are assuring increased demand of your professional services and sales. If you decide to funnel your traffic, here are some great ideas how.
  1. Work out your tactic

Whether you are paying for advertising on Google AdWords or doing a fair amount of SEO enhancements, you need to learn how to make a unique strategy that will provide you with increased and constant traffic flow of your targeted audience. Do not just stick to one technique and limit your strategy to one tactic, you should spread a good word about your business, so everyone would know how much you are personally involved. Work out your tactic well, and even hire a professional PR if you feel like you need one. Your PR will certainly help you along with SEO professional, who will optimize your site and blogs, so your traffic could increase.
  1. Feel free to explore your options

Online world is constantly updating, so what it was popular today, tomorrow might not be, so as soon as you notice your trafficking is decreased, you should feel free to explore new options and try some new tactics until you succeed. You won’t know that something is effective until you try it out, thus you need to be actively involved with your online business development.
  1. Blogging and Social Networks are always safe strategies

Whether you are working on optimizing your web content and linking, you should consider starting a business blog and joining couple of social networks. Social network will help you reach out to your targeted audience, thus increasing your traffic and raising awareness about your services and products. By starting your company’s blog you will show your activity to Google and other search engines, and enjoy favors you can get by blogging, primarily enjoying getting more customers and increased traffic. By being proactive while blogging, sharing and posting on social networks, you will certainly funnel your traffic.
  1. Use different sources for your traffic

You should always spread the good word about your business on various sources, as well as using various sources of improving your SE rank, so you could funnel your traffic and get more visitors, which means increasing your sales and greater service demand. Instead of just blogging and owning a site, you should add good SEO to your entire web content, pay for Google AdWords and get involved with social networking. When put all together, increased traffic is inevitable.
  1. Be active and proactive

Great traffic flow can’t be achieved if you just sit and do nothing. Basic principal is that you need to be active and proactive, nearly chasing for your traffic, but if you stay persistent and outlast in your intentions, you will be facing with long-term success and get your traffic funneled and steamed up, making profit and gaining new engaged clients.
Today, we’ll discuss 7 tips for optimizing your YouTube videos.
YouTube isn’t just a website to upload a video anymore. With millions of daily visitors, YouTube is currently the world’s 3rd most popular video sharing website.
In addition to video sharing, YouTube has a powerful search engine, a vast online community, and acts as a powerful marketing tool for many website owners to promote their business.
YouTube offers business owners to drive traffic back to their site. Well-optimized as well as video those offers informative slides attract many viewers.
Do you know that most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading text? Creating video is almost free. But it definitely is a great to know how to use YouTube videos to improve its performance.

7 tips on optimizing YouTube videos



Here are 7 tips on optimizing YouTube videos:

1. Presentable Videos

Utilize all the marketing materials, including your logo, quality images, video shots, and flash presentations, to create high quality videos on YouTube.


2. Keep it Short

It’s been found that the most popular videos on YouTube don’t exceed 3-4 minutes. Therefore, keep the length of your videos between 2 to 5 minutes. Making it more than 5 minutes will make people lose interests.


3. Optimize Video

Make sure to include all keyword phrases that are relevant to your video post. Before publishing video, make sure to select proper category, tags, and description that include the main keywords you want to target for.


4. Video Resolution

In order to make it easy and clear to read the content on the video, its best to upload videos on high resolution.


5. Optimize your YouTube Account

Before you can upload videos on YouTube, you’ll have to create an account. Choose a brand name as the username, and insert relevant keyword phrase that are relevant to your niche. Moreover, it’s best to frequently update your YouTube profile, optimize texts, insert links, select matching colors and themes, etc.


6. Insert Call to Action

YouTube allows you to insert links to other videos on the mini clip itself. This ways, you’ll increase the views of other video on your YouTube account.
Likewise at the end of each video, type a URL to your website so that if people find value in your videos and want to learn more about what you have to offer, they’ll quickly be able to visit your site.


7. Include Social Icons

In addition to call to action to other videos, you can also include social icons like Facebook like button, or Twitter buttons to drive people back to your social accounts.


*Bonus tip: Include URL on the Description

Include a URL to your website before the description text. This way, visitors will still be able to quickly click on your link even when the “more info” option is collapsed.
Over to you – do you think optimizing YouTube video has helped you drive more visitors to your site? If yes, how did you optimize your YouTube video? Please share your thoughts, comments, and ideas on the comment section below!
Although backlinks from social media sites won’t help you in terms of ranking higher in search engines, but it is surely one of the most affordable ways to expose your business to friends, family members, and their connections, and keep them updated with fresh and new information regarding your business.
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Here are Top 10 Social Media Sites you need to know:



#1 Facebook

With more than a billion registered users, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network, and your business should be on it. Period. Facebook allows you to connect with your friends, families, and everything else faster than any other social media sites out there.
If you have a business site/blog, then it would definitely pay to post company’s announcements, news, and events with your connections.
Sign up at Facebook, now. It’s completely FREE.


#2 Twitter

Twitter is another social media site that allows people to send small messages, in the form ‘tweets,’ which is the online version of SMS limited to 140 characters. Not to mention, it’s absolutely free.
Twitter is used by every small business, celebrities, and even the Preside of United States to reach out to people, spread their message, and get things done.
If you’re running an online business, you’ll have to sign up at Twitter to reach out to your target audience.



#3 LinkedIn

So you have setup up business blog and a site, and now everything looks professional, what’s next? Well, the best way is to create a profile on Linked in and show what you are made up of.
With an estimated 250 million members online, LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional people. List your skills, portfolio, and profile on LinkedIn, and make connections with people who are searching for you, and you’ll have customers calling you, within next few days. Gone are the days when you had to wait for weeks to hear from a prospective employer or a customer.
Sign up at LinkedIn


#4 Google+

Google+, or also known as Google+, is a social networking site owned by Google. Just create a free account with Google, and you’ll have a whole bunch of free services at your fingertips.
Sign up at Google.


#5 Pinterest

You won’t attract people’s attention by posting only business-related content on your social networking sites, including Pinterest. Variety is the spice of life, and posting something personal or hobby-related topics is the way to get noticed.
Pinterest is such social networking site that lets you pin your content – images, videos, and posts – and share it online, so that people with common interests become your friends, join your circle, and form an online community.
It’s free, and you can sign up here.


#6 Tumblr

Tumblr is another micro-blogging and social networking site that gets more than 125 million people as visitors and lets you share content – videos, images, quotes with others, and add and form groups with those who share similar interests.
Google loves links coming back from variety of sources. And if you have links on Tumblr, which is another popular social networking site, they’ll definitely rank your site better than those who do not.
Sign up here free at Tumblr


#7 Instagram

Did you know that Facebook purchase Instagram for a billion dollar?
With an estimated 50 million monthly visitors, Instagram stands tall as the 7th most popular social media sites on the Internet. The social networking site lets you take pictures (now video), edit, and apply filter to people who follow you.
Sign up at Instagram


#8 MySpace

Before Facebook, most users, including writers, artists, photographer used MySpace to share their interest with others. Well, Facebook is said to be a simplified version of MySpace.
With that said, MySpace is still favorite among most people probably it isn’t as intrusive as Facebook is, and the fact that you can create your own custom pages, which Facebook doesn’t offer.
Open a MySpace account for your business.


#9 CafeMom

If you are a mom working from home, and would like to share your interests, hobbies, and passion with other moms and get advice and support from each other in topics like health, fashion, pregnancy, food, entertainment, among others, you need to be on CafeMom.
Share what’s on your mind on CafeMom.


#10 Meetup

Do you have your business partners, or friends, or virtual assistant spread around the world, but you could not meet them face-to-face, or at the same time, online?
Meetup is a social networking site that lets members to create offline group meetings no matter where you are around the world, anytime and anywhere.
Sign up here free at Meetup.