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Have a Website Yet Still No Inquiries?

Just as the Internet can be a road to incredible presence and revenue, it can also be a minefield.
In this overcrowded world wide web, it’s not enough just to set up your website and hope that people come flocking to your business and buy your product or service en-mass.
In fact, if you do not have the proper knowledge at your fingertips, your web site could sit in obscurity from months to years, gradually collecting dust as your competitors surge forward with millions of hits a month.

Imagine that – you’ve spent thousands on a designer to get your site looking amazing.
You’ve paid content providers to fill your site with rich and exciting material.
You may even have had hired someone do your search engine optimization (SEO) for you.
You’re confident that your business offers fantastic value for money and a high quality service.
But your website still remains drier than a desert. You can’t sell. You can’t get anyone to click.

Search Engine Optimization services from GetYourSiteRank will improve the quality of your online marketing campaigns. Our Google search engine optimization packages are designed to bring you value. Our SEO specialists are trained in their respective fields and are experienced in improving the site rankings if various online ventures. We can help you too. As an optimization company, we know how important SEO is for your campaign. Hand over your optimization to us.

You just aren’t getting any traffic!

There’s more to success online than just a great design, posting content with quick-fix SEO done.
> You will need someone skilled in SEO, who does it the effective ‘white hat’ legitimate way.
> You will need an agency with the expertise and has managed to help other companies succeed.
> You will need a firm who focuses on getting real results and ensures you tap into the internet goldmine.

Given that the internet is such a competitive battleground for businesses, with constantly changing algorithm updates that wipe-out many websites, you run the risk of completely falling behind.

You need to ask yourself:

> What can I do to gain an edge?
> How do I stand out from the crowd?
> How do I really drive traffic to my home page with more opportunity for sales?
> How do I get ranked and yet not penalized by the search engines?

That’s where we come in.

How does it sound to be found on the search engines by your targeted customers?

Your Search Ranking is the key that differentiates your success level.
Customers are searching for your products and services online everyday.

Our Advice?
You need to place yourself in front of them.
Be an online authority figure in your field.
Stay ahead of your competition.

For starters – A rise in the search engine rankings.

All You Need Now is to Optimise Your Website

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as the term implies is the optimizing of your website or landing pages such that it gets top placement in the search engines.

Unlike paid online advertising such as Google Adwords, with SEO, you get organic free traffic to your website by being in the top position of the search engines. Put yourself in front of the public, such that searchers find you. Bring your potential customers to you.

How your website is positioned is largely dependent on Google and the other search engines.

How they do they decide your positioning?
They decide the importance of your website by a combination of many factors that highlights to them if your site would be relevant to the search visitors.

In fact, search engines like Google are tightening their control with which websites comes out on top. This made it difficult for websites practicing ‘black hat’ SEO methods. But this works towards your benefit.
We look at it as your opportunity to shine!

If Google and the search engines are ultimately in control of your website’s positioning, how do we come in?
GetYourSiteRank is skilled in the science of ranking your website. We make it our duty to be well versed in the factors which are determinant of your site’s relevancy. With this, we deconstruct, structure and modify your website such that it is seen in new light to both the search engines as well as to the human user.

No website? Now worries.
We provide a holistic full service, with Website Design and Development for your online Branding needs.

Want not to be left in the dust?
Want to surpass your competitors?
Want Your Business to Grow?

Our Company will help you do just that.
Have Questions? Call us, our friendly consultants will be there to answer all your queries.

Why SEO - Benefits

Have a Website?
It’s a good start but not enough. Not being found is equivalent of being invisible online.

Search Engine Optimization presents you with the opportunity to reach out & placed in front of your customers. SEO is almost an exact science. Be assured of your increased conversions just being on the 1st Page.

Have your bottom line decrease overtime while your returns on investment (ROI) increase.
Be Found and Be Seen Today!

Be no longer lost in the crowd.

  • > Be now Visible on the Search Engines.
    Be on Google Page 1.
  • > Drive Targeted Quality Traffic Online.
    Be found by your customers searching for your products & services.
  • > Increase Daily Unique Visitor Volume
    More visits. More eyeballs. With a higher position, boost your rate of conversion.
  • > Improve Online Brand Exposure
    Be known. Be heard. Get your message across.
  • > Building Online Credibility
    Lead with Authority. Leave your competition behind.

Talk to our friendly consultants to discuss how we can secure your success moving forward.

Our SEO Consulting

Our 3 Step Process.

We too are a business. We relate to the concerns of running a business, so we strive to make this a process simple so that you can take your mind off online marketing and concentrate on your Business while still being able to enjoy the fruits of your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

1. Personalized Business Analysis
Have your Website reviewed.
Tell us all about your Business objectives and plans. Anything! We strongly recommend this.

Through understanding you, details of your business, and studying the specifics of your web page,
we address your needs, strategize & execute better. We love interaction and close communication with you.

2. Expert Research
Our team reviews and performs an in depth research and analysis of your current online development.
This marks the start of your online Business strategy creation.
We work closely with you to have your strategy realized.

3. Professional Consulting & Reporting
Improving your website with actionable steps taken through effective strategies developed upon thorough research & analysis. This is the collaborative phase between our clients and us.
Have your very own personal expert attached and have your plan executed.

GetYourSiteRank delivers your ranking reports with specialized software and technology.
We check your website stats and data for activity generated in relation to your SEO efforts.

Your SEO Solution

Is you customer based in a specific location or country?

This requires efforts placed on local search marketing.
For example if you are located in Singapore, you will find that your closest lead will come from Singapore.
This applies to all countries be it in Asia (Malaysia, Australia, India), Europe (UK) or the United States (USA).

Through local SEO, you target your home market and customers located within your region.
This can also be done to target people living in specific states in your country.
You may even close in on a community in a much smaller area such as your city, town or estate.

At GetYourSiteRank we help to geo-target your marketing. We apply our proven search engine techniques accordingly so that you can effectively reach the right people on the web, at the right place, within the right time.

Have a more International audience?

International Search Marketing will fit you like a glove.
International SEO is your choice selection to reach target countries all over the world.

Conserve your resources by addition of SEO to your marketing portfolio.
This is an excellent approach to spend less and yet be accessible to large number prospects which would otherwise cost much more to acquire.

Enjoy the long-term benefits of precise SEO.

Be it local marketing or international marketing there will be a solution for you.

Get in touch with our consultant today and learn how we will implement your planned strategy.

We have a solution that caters to all you Business needs, Marketing Budget and requirements. Just let us know!

Holistic SEO Services

We continually work to hone our skills and to improve the service that GetYourSiteRank provides.
For a holistic digital marketing solution, we offer a range of strategic and complimentary services to our clients.

Website Development

If you do not already have a website, we provide affordable web design services.
From WordPress, E-commerce to Mobile friendly websites.
Find out more about our Website Development service.
Should you require hosting, here are some hosting providers we recommend.
Click here to contact us for our web design pricing.

Content Writing

Pssst… Want a tip of the kind of content to have on your website? Good old high quality interesting content. There is no two ways about it. This is the cold hard truth. But we view having high standards demanded of your content is good.

Quality content allows you to dominate the search engines the legitimate way without having to worry. The best part, it is the pertinent missing ingredient to the conversion of your customers. GetYourSiteRank is able to help you create from scratch or improve your content such that it reads right, have your website be more relatable, persuasive and profitable.

Type of Content Creation Available:
– Webpage Content
– Copywriting
– Press Release (PR)
– Newsletters
Blog Article
Email Marketing

Reporting Services

Is your Website bringing you your expected results?
Want to know how your current website is actually faring?

Know your website’s weaknesses and strengths. Have you analytics done.
It’s all about the hard facts. Know the number of visitors to your website, their demographics and source, your ideal keywords, your site placement and more.

We audit and evaluate your site’s performance with a recommended set of actions for implementation to improve your website.

With this report, tackle the problems, have your website edited and optimized to have your expectations, goals fulfilled. Enjoy a marked change to the number of Business inquiries.

Don’t go through the route of hard knocks and pay for services that do not propel you forward.
Save yourself from hours of time consuming mistakes.
We dedicate ourselves to Internet Marketing (IM).
Trust us to personally lead and guide you in the right direction.

Video SEO

Enhanced your visitors’ experience when you embed videos in your website. Other than merely reading the existing text, videos present a visual and a more engaging way to communicate and transmitting information to your visitors. The main aim is to let them connect and feel strongly about your Brand. Through adding videos to your web pages, increase chances of conversion in this increasingly visual world.

Post these videos to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Have your web videos submitted to your very own YouTube channel. Increase your Brand exposure. Have more people watch and share your videos.

Types of Videos we can produce:
– Display Advertising Campaign for Brand Promotion
– Company Events
– Technical videos for specialized industries & specialists tools
– Training Videos
– Company news and updates
– Videos for Ecommerce/Shopping Carts websites
– Education or Presentation Videos

We have generated many videos and will support you through the full process of video production which includes script writing, filming to video editing. Leave the job of video production and video optimization to us. Have your Brand story told today!

What is Involved in SEO?

  • Determine Your Keywords

    What are keywords? These are the words, terms, or phrase that your visitors will type when searching online for your products or services. Target the right keywords and half the battle is won.
    Do not know what keywords are good? Not to worry. GetYourSiteRank will recommend a list of words that your customer searches with.

  • Onpage Optimisation

    This is the internal linking and structuring of your webpages. Structuring will include the organization of your title tags, meta description, url of pages, image and web info. Basically, the better structured and more relevant the flow, the more appreciated your website would be to the search engines. As a reward, your website will be regarded better organized and hence be ranked better.

  • Offpage Optimisation

    This will be referred to back links to your website. The search engines regards websites with external links linking back to the website as an indication that your website as useful and liked by others. Other than the link juice that will be passed to your website through the backlink, search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing will reward you for good content by giving you a higher ranking among other websites in the search engines.

  • Rank on 1st Page of Search Engines. Get Your Leads!

    This is the target, to have your website found on Page 1 of the search engines. Did we tell you we will guarantee your Page 1 ranking within 180 days?
    Yes we do. If not we will simply extend our service for free until you do!

    This being said, it is important to note that how user friendly your website is will affect your conversion rate. Having the traffic to your website is important but so to is your website. We make it a point to develop websites that are attractive, easy to navigate and converts.

  • Analysis, Re-evalutate, Edit & Improve

    Leave the study and improvement of your website to us. We will monitor how your website has performed, its strength, weaknesses and recommend the required areas which your website can improve on. Why should this be done? To strive for higher traffic and better conversions for your business, because we care.

Listed in the Following? SEO is for You.

Originally, Businesses could stay offline and still sustain. But this is a thing of the past. If you’re not found online, you’ll be missing out on a big slice of the pie. The reason why? To date, almost everyone searches online for their desired products and services.

It was also not too long ago that SEO was an option, but this has totally changed with lots of websites competing for attention online. It used to be that if your company was found in Business directories it was enough to get your required customers and meet your sales target. This too is no longer the case. In the future, we believe SEO will become an indispensable part to online businesses.

What this means?

Sales & Marketing tactics have drastically changed.
The secret to succeeding online?
You need to get a system going, that uses the available online platforms and networks and reap its advantages.
The idea is to use a combination of creative methods to generate your leads. SEO is definitely an invaluable method to add to your marketing strategy, a method that takes you to the top.

Stand to have much to gain if you fall in any of the categories below:

  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who want online Brand Awareness
  • From Small Enterprieses to Global Corporations who want to increase profits
  • Brands & Companies that require online reputation recovery or management
  • Website Owners who want to generate more traffic
  • Websites hit by the major 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 Google Panda or recent Penguin spam removal updates
  • Internet Marketers & Vendors looking for a trusted partnering company

Know that SEO is for You?

Convinced that your Business will be propelled greater heights? Yes you are on the right track!
We have specially designed SEO packages to suit your needs and boost your visibility online.
Choose your preferred SEO package below.

Not sure which package is right for you?
Not to worry.

Just contact GetYourSiteRank. Speak to our friendly consultant. We will help recommend you a package that fits your Business. Or fill in the form at the top. Request for your custom quote today!

Soar to Greater Heights! Achieve results like never before with your new found powerful tool – SEO.
Get Started on Your Search Engine Optimization! Embark on your journey with us.


6 Months

Google Page #1 Ranking GUARANTEED!

Website and Keyword Research & Analysis
Link Building & Management
Statistic Analysis & Reporting
Business Blog Set Up + Blog Articles
Social Media Accounts Set Up
1 Press Release
Get It Now!

6 Months

Google Page #1 Ranking GUARANTEED!

Website and Keyword
Research & Analysis
Link Building & Management
Statistic Analysis & Reporting
Business Blog Set Up
+ Blog Articles
Social Media Accounts Set Up
3 Press Releases
Get It Now!

6 Months

Google Page #1 Ranking GUARANTEED!

Website and Keyword
Research & Analysis
Link Building & Management
Statistic Analysis & Reporting
Business Blog Set Up + Blog Articles
Social Media Accounts Set Up
8 Press Releases
Directory Submission & Listings
Get Your Press Release Picked Up by Yahoo! News
Get It Now!

Optimse Your Website. Optimise Your Results!

Get Your Website to the Top!

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