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Website development is a broad term that refers to tasks involved in developing websites where some of these are web designing, content development and server configuration among others.

This is the start point of your online conversion.
For success online a good combination factors are required. This includes a good and attractive design, easy navigation, content rich and helpful and definitely not forgetting that your website is to be well structured for it to be found.

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Our Developmental Process:

Information Gathering

This is the first step and it will help to predict the look as well as the feel of the website. There are several things that should be considered at this stage including the purpose of the website like promoting a service or providing information, the goals, content and the target audience among others. At this stage, the web designer will have loads of questions.


This is like creating a site map where the webmaster will use the gathered information to identify the main topic areas and probably some sub topics. Proper planning will guide the developer on the content to put in the website and expectations of the end user should be well looked into at this stage. A very friendly user interface should also be developed.


This is a major step in website development since it will determine how the website looks and the feeling that the target audience will experience. At this stage, the webmaster will create several design prototypes and allow the client to express his or her feelings. Both parties should work in close collaboration so that the final design will reflect the taste and needs of the client.


Creation of the website is now done at this stage where the home page is first developed. A shell is then created, and this is where the designer will distribute the content in the appropriate areas within the website. This is also the stage where other features are added to the site, for example, flash animations, shopping carts and contact forms among others.


During this stage of website development, the web developer will test complete functionality of the site as well as check any compatibility issues. An experienced web designer should be well aware of the current standards to ensure that these are met and confirm that all codes used are valid. If all is well, the site can then be delivered. All necessary files should be uploaded to the client-server server and a final test done.

Website Maintenance

After your website is up and running, the next thing is to keep updating content so that visitors can continue checking out your website time and again. During the planning stage, you can inform your developer if you would like to be updating your own website. He will then implement a Content Management System (CMS) which will allow you to edit content or even add more content and web pages.

Choosing Various Website Services

WordPress website services:

Presently, you can choose to have a team of professionals develop your website as earlier discussed, or simply do it yourself using a website builder. WordPress is a free tool that one can use for such purposes, and you can consider WordPress website services for easy customization, easy updating where this can even be done by multiple users so long as there’s internet access and search engine optimization among others.

HTML website services:

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) can be used in website development where you can build a website from scratch if you are expert in coding, but there are providers nowadays providing pre-designed templates that can be used by those with no programming skills. Building websites using the latter mainly involves dragging and dropping.

Joomla website services:

Joomla is now a widely used content management system since it practically requires no programming skills to use. Some pros of using Joomla include advanced functionality like online calendars, easy updating where clients can do this on their own, additional plug-ins and extensions among others. For more information on Joomla website creation click here.

Magento website services:

Magento is now preferred software in offering eCommerce solutions and is has proven to be a huge success for most online businesses. First, this platform provides international support since magento is a global program that offers multiple versions. Search engine optimization is also highly looked into ensuring that businesses get huge traffic to their websites.

By opting for Magento website development, you will also greatly benefit from mobile commerce where mobile browsers will be automatically detected, and mobile optimized versions of your website (mobile websites) will be provided. Visitors to your website or your customers can, therefore, access information irrespective of the client device they are using.

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Website Performance Boosters

You can choose to have us manage the site at an affordable fee, where this will vary depending on the maintenance to be done.

Embarking on services such as those stated below is a pretty important decision that you have to make after the completion of your website:

Search Engine Optimization:
In short, this is known as SEO. What does this do for you? It places you at the top where the customer crowds are. Great web design coupled with this incredible technique, be certain that your business will grow.

Social Media Marketing:
In today’s society, you have to be social. Reach out more through the available social networks and have your visitors channeled to your website. Find out more about social media marketing here.

Email Marketing:
Already have contacts? Why waste them. Have them know of your new website. Engage with your customers and re-convert them once again with your hot new real estate online. Find out more about Email Marketing here.

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