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The advent of online transactions have catapulted shopkeepers and customers to an information super-highway where e-commerce solutions act as the only guide, and friend, to both seller and buyer.

When a company decides to embark on its online campaign, the sheer amount of e-commerce platforms available is mind-boggling. The company needs to create a solid plan before deciding on which e-commerce solution to implement in order to expand their sales.

Setting up an enterprise upon its e-commerce platform, which might also happen to be a custom solution is no simple matter.

Expanding to the online domain implies that the shop is available to customers globally. Only a robust e-commerce solution can guide the enterprise to increased sales through reduced costs. Prudent e-commerce solutions accentuate our website development services.

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Top 3 Reasons to Implement an Ecommerce Solution

1. An ecommerce solution completely streamlines your online merchandising and enables you to effectively maintain a catalog of products online which can be edited and modified as per your need.

2. You gain an upper-hand over your competition and consequently obtain a widened customer base ensuring maximum reach for your products. The ecommerce solution basically integrates into your already active business process.

3. It provides an efficeint and effective medium to asses your sales. You will be able to metculously keep track of sales of your different products. Web 2.0 analytic tools integrated into your ecommerce solution ensures direct and real-time monitoring of various sales and services.

Steps to Implement E-commerce Solution


Before plunging headfirst into the realm of world wide web shopkeeping, you have to ensure that your business meets certain prerequisites that will help it stand above the competition instead of being drowned by them.

Inculcate Trust

It is highly beneficial to have a brick-and-mortar office in place before embarking on an online campaign as it raises your brand value. Online ecommerce domains without realworld offices appear intangible and have reduced worth to potential customers. When these customers are aware that you have a physical presence somewhere so that they can come there if something goes wrong with the online transaction, they will trust the brand more.

Support Team

A well-maintained ecommerce establishment has a robust and friendly customer support team who is available for interaction throughout the day. A live chat support to your ecommerce enterprise only increases the value of your brand perceived by potential customers.

Easy Purchase Mode

When you set up an ecommerce solution for your enterprise, make sure that potential customers have to go through only minimal, comprehensible navigation to get from the product page to confirming at the end. It is good practice to notify the customer up-front about how many steps will be involved in the process of purchase.


Since the implementation of an ecommerce solution automatically gives your enterprise a global boost, it is very essential that customers from foreign markets are not ignored. The expansion in sales revenue will indubitably be propelled by these new customers. Therefore, ensure to provide localized content to satisfy them.

Customer Engagement

An exceptional ecommerce solution will provide you with several avenues through which you can create a more meaningful, as well as personalized relationship with customers. Ecommerce solutions provides methods to achieve this by collecting vital information from the customer and applying this comprehensively to customize the sales environment of a customer. If this is being implemented, ensure that only an ecommerce solution with robust security features are implemented, so that none of the private information regarding customers get mismanaged, or end up in wrong hands.

As soon as you come up with a basic plan of action, delve deeper and consult with various departments of your enterprise to develop a vision on how to implement this plan.

Your E-Commerce Vision

  • Any ecommerce solution should possess a shopping cart functionality, but what kind of customisation does your enterprise need? It should be decided whether to implement analytics & monitoring on each sale.
  • It should be kept in mind to choose an ecommerce solution that will effectively and effortlessly synchronize with existing ERP solutions, if any is already implemented at your enterprise.
  • Ecommerce solutions are available by the dozen off-the-shelves, but these might not meet all the needs of an enterprise. So, the decision has to be taken whether to create one from scratch. If not a sophisticated platform used would be Magento.
  • Certain brands achieve added value, in the cases when customers realise they have unique modes of purchase which is in stark contrast to common payment gateways and transaction applications.

Ecommerce business has shown marked growth on a global scale and it is high time that you utilize modern web tools to increase your RoI with minimum overhead. The right ecommerce solution will ensure that your business attains profit trajectory goals and then some, in a very short amount of time through proper marketing and customer support.

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