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Magento is a fast-growing ecommerce web CMS platform that’s built using the Zend framework. It employs entity-value database model in order to store data and values.

This CMS is targeted for online merchants who would wish to control the looks and functionality of their ecommerce website application on their own.

Up to 150,000 websites are known to have utilized Magento website content management system to take their business online.

The community edition of this software is free but if you want to avail of support services from Magento, then you will need to pay for the enterprise edition. At the beginning of February, 2012, Magento had been downloaded 4 million times.

Benefits of Magento as Your Ecommerce Platform

Easy-as-pie integration
When you run an e-commerce enterprise online, it is necessary to run a software application that integrates with various other facets of your business such as payment gateway, shipping service, and countless other third party applications. Magento serves this purpose and integrates efficiently with all third-party components needed for running a profitable ecommerce online shop.

Facility for multi-stores
Magento enables to create multiple instances of stores with a single admin login. This is a very potent and powerful feature that Magento will provide but lacking in many of its competitors. Convert more prospects with multiple stores rather than depending on a singular store of merchandises.

When it comes to ecommerce website development Magento web design from GetYourSiteRank makes it possible for you create multiple stores with a single admin login. Regular updates ensure that bugs are fixed and security holes are plugged up instantly. Convert more prospects with multiple stores rather than relying on a single one.

Regular updates provided by the community ensures that security holes are plugged and bugs are fixed instantaneously. Taking all aspects on offer by this robust ecommerce CMS platform, it is evident that Magento is the ultimate platform to attain incremental profits for your manifold ecommerce business development.

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