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If your strategy involves the professional world, LinkedIn has everything you need. It’s the place that businesses go to speak with other businesses, and working professionals from all over the world are using the power of the LinkedIn platform to connect with one another with ease. You can be a part of this connection and tap into the power of the LinkedIn network by using its many features to send your marketing messages across the world.

LinkedIn boasts a network of over 200 million members from across the globe. And they are an influential bunch – some 80% of LinkedIn members are the ones who say yes or no to new initiatives and purchasing decisions. They are more likely to be educated and influential, more likely to have higher incomes (and therefore more money to spend), and LinkedIn is full of top level executives, CEOs and power players.

Connecting to the Business World

Your business can benefit greatly from the kinds of social connections available through LinkedIn. 73% of LinkedIn members use the site to network with their fellow professionals, with 70% of members using the site to manage their professional identity. The professionals who use LinkedIn are connected to the latest business news and interest pieces by the LinkedIn news feed. Imagine if you could get your content in front of that many highly targeted professional users.

Most members on LinkedIn use the site for business purposes only, and you should consider this when you think about how you are going to use the site to market your product. Some 78% of LinkedIn members have a separate social network presence for their personal lives – so if you’re trying to get personal messages to people, LinkedIn is not the network you should be using.

Enhance your Customer Service

LinkedIn comes complete with some seriously powerful tools to help you to get the most out of your user base. You can start a LinkedIn group, where you can invite customers or colleagues to discuss your products and initiatives. A truly two-way system, the feedback you can get from this mode of interaction with your users can be invaluable.

You can also advertise on LinkedIn, with customised and targeted personal messaging to your members. You can generate a following of your corporate page, and receive recommendations and referrals from other users. You can then enhance your users’ experience with targeted updates to deliver fresh content straight to them.

Laser Targeted Lead Generation

Being a primarily business oriented site, LinkedIn is fantastic for lead generation and conversion. You can directly communicate with your prospective customers with targeted messaging straight into their LinkedIn inbox. You can serve particular groups of users with customised and targeted display advertising. You can also get answers to your questions with analytics and research, using powerful tools that exist within the LinkedIn platform.

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