Although backlinks from social media sites won’t help you in terms of ranking higher in search engines, but it is surely one of the most affordable ways to expose your business to friends, family members, and their connections, and keep them updated with fresh and new information regarding your business.
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Here are Top 10 Social Media Sites you need to know:



#1 Facebook

With more than a billion registered users, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network, and your business should be on it. Period. Facebook allows you to connect with your friends, families, and everything else faster than any other social media sites out there.
If you have a business site/blog, then it would definitely pay to post company’s announcements, news, and events with your connections.
Sign up at Facebook, now. It’s completely FREE.


#2 Twitter

Twitter is another social media site that allows people to send small messages, in the form ‘tweets,’ which is the online version of SMS limited to 140 characters. Not to mention, it’s absolutely free.
Twitter is used by every small business, celebrities, and even the Preside of United States to reach out to people, spread their message, and get things done.
If you’re running an online business, you’ll have to sign up at Twitter to reach out to your target audience.



#3 LinkedIn

So you have setup up business blog and a site, and now everything looks professional, what’s next? Well, the best way is to create a profile on Linked in and show what you are made up of.
With an estimated 250 million members online, LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional people. List your skills, portfolio, and profile on LinkedIn, and make connections with people who are searching for you, and you’ll have customers calling you, within next few days. Gone are the days when you had to wait for weeks to hear from a prospective employer or a customer.
Sign up at LinkedIn


#4 Google+

Google+, or also known as Google+, is a social networking site owned by Google. Just create a free account with Google, and you’ll have a whole bunch of free services at your fingertips.
Sign up at Google.


#5 Pinterest

You won’t attract people’s attention by posting only business-related content on your social networking sites, including Pinterest. Variety is the spice of life, and posting something personal or hobby-related topics is the way to get noticed.
Pinterest is such social networking site that lets you pin your content – images, videos, and posts – and share it online, so that people with common interests become your friends, join your circle, and form an online community.
It’s free, and you can sign up here.


#6 Tumblr

Tumblr is another micro-blogging and social networking site that gets more than 125 million people as visitors and lets you share content – videos, images, quotes with others, and add and form groups with those who share similar interests.
Google loves links coming back from variety of sources. And if you have links on Tumblr, which is another popular social networking site, they’ll definitely rank your site better than those who do not.
Sign up here free at Tumblr


#7 Instagram

Did you know that Facebook purchase Instagram for a billion dollar?
With an estimated 50 million monthly visitors, Instagram stands tall as the 7th most popular social media sites on the Internet. The social networking site lets you take pictures (now video), edit, and apply filter to people who follow you.
Sign up at Instagram


#8 MySpace

Before Facebook, most users, including writers, artists, photographer used MySpace to share their interest with others. Well, Facebook is said to be a simplified version of MySpace.
With that said, MySpace is still favorite among most people probably it isn’t as intrusive as Facebook is, and the fact that you can create your own custom pages, which Facebook doesn’t offer.
Open a MySpace account for your business.


#9 CafeMom

If you are a mom working from home, and would like to share your interests, hobbies, and passion with other moms and get advice and support from each other in topics like health, fashion, pregnancy, food, entertainment, among others, you need to be on CafeMom.
Share what’s on your mind on CafeMom.


#10 Meetup

Do you have your business partners, or friends, or virtual assistant spread around the world, but you could not meet them face-to-face, or at the same time, online?
Meetup is a social networking site that lets members to create offline group meetings no matter where you are around the world, anytime and anywhere.
Sign up here free at Meetup.


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