With the advent of new technologies, tools, and techniques, we now have plenty of opportunities – social media promotion, pay-per-ad promotion, search engine optimization, blogging, and backlink generations, among others – to promote our businesses efficiently.
But most businesses are only focused on short-term benefits over the long-term promise of the digital marketing. As a result, most people make the same mistakes, over and over again.
Do not fall into the trap of short-term benefit.
Instead, think of ways to broaden your marketing strategies to reach out to the vast marketing universe. Here are the list of top 10 digital marketing blunders and how to solve them:


1. You think paid advertisement is digital marketing

Your clients may be in desperate need of blog update to on their website, but that doesn’t mean that’s what they really need.
As an Internet Marketing (IM), gather insights to see the big-picture.
Do they need to “focus” on creating content first to make their website better for SEO?
Should they promote a particular service over others to separate themselves from the crowd?
When this marketing objective is established, utilize online marketing strategies to help you promote you services and products. You could find out that developing an e-Book would be more help than creating a blog post, everyday.


2. You think “more friends” means “more conversion.”

If you’re not living under the rock, you already know that more traffic, followers, or friends for that matter, really don’t matter at all. As an Internet Marketer, our job is to form relationships and deepen it first.
In short, we need to focus on “conversion.”
But do you or your company spend time to measure these conversions? Is there a “standard” methodology?
You may use conversion monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, but you’ll still have to dig deeper, from pulling your potential customer through email clicks to finding out the most popular entry points on your website to integrate all other offline activities of your business.


3. You spread the same content everywhere.

Do you repeat your conversation with everyone you meet? I don’t think so. Instead, why not spend time developing “individual” audience personas that will help identify what exactly each client’s marketing goals are?


4. You do not (forget) inform your clients about their expanding digital marketing opportunities.

Marketing works at a furious pace and it’s easy to get entangled in minor tasks just to keep up with latest social media promotion list. But we’re analysts/counselors first and technicians later.
To become counselors, we’ll have to stay on top of our games – keep up to date with new marketing trends, tools, and techniques – that will affect our client’s base.
Do us a favor – do not withdraw educating yourself on topic that matters in digital marketing. If you do, you’ll only lose more clients down the road.


5. You outsource way too much, or nothing at all.

Well-established PR companies outsource most of their digital marketing works. I would become uncomfortable with this approach, especially if I wasn’t involved in the crucial stages of intelligence gathering, devising marketing strategies, and delegating them to my staffs.
But on the other hand, you also have to expand your services and stay relevant to your market. That means bringing outside professionals who may push you into devising a win-program such as new app for Smartphone users.


6. You use only handful of social media sites.

Maybe you’re happy with the results you’re getting from social media sites. You have an excellent online presence on Google+ and the conversion rate is awesome. We don’t think so.
You may get complacent on your marketing endeavors. But success in digital marketing requires active participation through variety of online outposts, distributing content rich information, and establishing a strong home base.
Although you do NOT need to have to be everywhere, you still do have to be more than just in place.


7. Your content is stuck in a time-wrap.

Most of my clients often suffer from this marketing challenge. If you’re stuck with the white paper, I am sad to say it is not going to help you anymore.
Show your clients how a compelling blog rant/raves, or YouTube meme videos, or Infographics may benefit their organizations. Learn what intrigues them and help them explore a wider marketing spectrum.


8. You don’t collaborate with others nicely.

We could all make money online only if understood our core strengths and use them together to collaborate better.
So, if you have a friend who’s an excellent in website design, or social media marketing, why not approach them and brainstorm to service a client together?
At the end, we bet you’ll only build, not lose, the budget.


9. You don’t embrace failures to “intrigue” your clients.

While I was just starting my career, our team always discussed ways to manage client’s expectations while doing everything to avoid failures. But why not embrace our failures too?
The best part of digital marketing is that it lets you experiment with little or no money. Inform your clients that they prepare for at least a failure every quarter. Failures will help better identify your client’s likes and dislikes, and we think that’s the ideal way to develop extraordinary marketing success.


10. You do not think about your mobile strategies

This is very crucial, but most online PR professionals are still not sure about this point. Follow these time-tested rules to analyze your mobile traffic.
  1. If mobile traffic is only 1% of the total traffic to your website, you’ll have to re-think your mobile strategy
  2. If it’s more than 10%, you need to turn on your mobile strategy
  3. It its greater than 25%, your mobile strategy will make your business

So are you feeling confident that you’ll avoid these top 10 digital marketing blunders in upcoming days?
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