Today, we’ll discuss 7 tips for optimizing your YouTube videos.
YouTube isn’t just a website to upload a video anymore. With millions of daily visitors, YouTube is currently the world’s 3rd most popular video sharing website.
In addition to video sharing, YouTube has a powerful search engine, a vast online community, and acts as a powerful marketing tool for many website owners to promote their business.
YouTube offers business owners to drive traffic back to their site. Well-optimized as well as video those offers informative slides attract many viewers.
Do you know that most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading text? Creating video is almost free. But it definitely is a great to know how to use YouTube videos to improve its performance.

7 tips on optimizing YouTube videos



Here are 7 tips on optimizing YouTube videos:

1. Presentable Videos

Utilize all the marketing materials, including your logo, quality images, video shots, and flash presentations, to create high quality videos on YouTube.


2. Keep it Short

It’s been found that the most popular videos on YouTube don’t exceed 3-4 minutes. Therefore, keep the length of your videos between 2 to 5 minutes. Making it more than 5 minutes will make people lose interests.


3. Optimize Video

Make sure to include all keyword phrases that are relevant to your video post. Before publishing video, make sure to select proper category, tags, and description that include the main keywords you want to target for.


4. Video Resolution

In order to make it easy and clear to read the content on the video, its best to upload videos on high resolution.


5. Optimize your YouTube Account

Before you can upload videos on YouTube, you’ll have to create an account. Choose a brand name as the username, and insert relevant keyword phrase that are relevant to your niche. Moreover, it’s best to frequently update your YouTube profile, optimize texts, insert links, select matching colors and themes, etc.


6. Insert Call to Action

YouTube allows you to insert links to other videos on the mini clip itself. This ways, you’ll increase the views of other video on your YouTube account.
Likewise at the end of each video, type a URL to your website so that if people find value in your videos and want to learn more about what you have to offer, they’ll quickly be able to visit your site.


7. Include Social Icons

In addition to call to action to other videos, you can also include social icons like Facebook like button, or Twitter buttons to drive people back to your social accounts.


*Bonus tip: Include URL on the Description

Include a URL to your website before the description text. This way, visitors will still be able to quickly click on your link even when the “more info” option is collapsed.
Over to you – do you think optimizing YouTube video has helped you drive more visitors to your site? If yes, how did you optimize your YouTube video? Please share your thoughts, comments, and ideas on the comment section below!
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