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Where are Your Website Visitors coming from?

So you have been successful at driving traffic to your site but haven’t paid any attention as to where your visitors may have come from? In search marketing sphere, we need to be aware of where our visitors had been in order to figure out…

7 Expired SEO Strategies

If your website is running fine and has NEVER been attacked by Google’s updates, like Panda or Penguin updates, rest assured that your SEO techniques are sound and you DON’T need to worry. However, there are several sites out there that…
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New Focus! New Strategy! Keeping in Google's Direction

Since early 2011, there have been several major changes for search engines to follow new direction. In this new movement, Google has been the leader to integrate metrics that focuses on human browsing experience as well as the content analysis. With…

When to Use 301 Redirect and Other Redirects

There are 5 different types of redirects you need to know about: 301, 302, 303, 307, and 308 redirects. In this guide, we’ll explain what each redirect translates to and when to use 301 redirect and other redirects: 1. 301 Permanent…
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Press Releases Do Not Help Rankings or Does it?

Several Mondays ago, Matt Cutts from Google wrote in Google forums that link coming back from press releases do not help in search engine rankings! On the other hand, SEO Consult blog performed a test explaining how press release backlinks…