Since early 2011, there have been several major changes for search engines to follow new direction.
In this new movement, Google has been the leader to integrate metrics that focuses on human browsing experience as well as the content analysis.
With the Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates (along with other ranking factors such as EMD, page layout update), the message is clear for SEOs: Google’s goal is to give priority to sites for higher search rankings according to how well human evaluate them.
Google asked help from content reviewers in order to recognize patterns and factors those real human readers/visitors consider when they want to assess a website.
As a result, the job of ranking sites higher in search engines for specific queries have become pretty much complex than ever before.
In other words, sites now have a clear direction from search engines to follow their guidelines that are considered to be the standards for SEO practices, like:
  1. Proper use of tags and link structure
  2. Focus on creating content including keyword phrases that will rank your site better
  3. But also, maintain a balance to produce content for people too, and not just for the search engines.

So, here are few new steps to incorporate new SEO strategy, while still keeping with the Google’s direction:

Figure out what’s working and what’s not!

1. Figure out what’s working and what’s not!

First, create a list of every little SEO strategies you have been utilizing so far that aren’t going the way you had imagined, and a list other things that are working for your site, and other things that you’re unsure about.
Just make sure you include every little aspect of your SEO strategy in this list.
This list will point you to the right direction in the future as to what you need to perform, what changes you must include, and what other things you need to completely avoid.
Just don’t leave any stones unturned!

Talk with your SEO consultant

2. Talk with your SEO consultant

If you have employed an SEO consultant to look after your SEO campaigns, give them a call and get their insights as they may have new ideas so that you learn about new SEO trends, practices, and strategies.
This way, you know you’re following the Google’s new direction.

Do Research and Discuss with SEO consultant for Alternatives

3. Do Research and Discuss with SEO consultant for Alternatives

Once you have known what SEO strategies is working and which ones are useless, or outdated, you will be in a position to begin amending additional SEO tactics to make your SEO efforts really successful.
In order to focus on something new or incorporate new SEO strategy, it always pays to talk with an SEO consultant.
There are several different reasons why your current SEO efforts require a new direction, and doing it yourself could be an overwhelming thing for you.
Every site is different and hence every SEO strategy must be “customized!”
Hence, find an expert SEO consultant who deals with several different types of circumstances and assist in creating something specific for you.

Putting Your New found SEO Strategy in Action

4. Putting Your New found SEO Strategy in Action

Once you’ve figured out your problem areas and got input from SEO consultant regarding new focus and strategy you must follow, it’s time you …
  1. Place those plans into action in order to get where you want to be
  2. Secondly, DON’T plunge into implementing SEO plans without consulting an expert. Minor changes are okay, but when you’re trying to perform a major redirect, it’s high time you find help from an SEO expert.
  3. Thirdly, ensure that you know how to measure the performance of your new strategy. Use Google Analytics, for example, to keep track of how your site is performing over all. Don’t limit yourself to Google Analytics, though.
In fact, find other tools to implement more specific SEO strategies like “link building” and “social media success” so that you’re always following Google’s guidelines as well as leaving nothing unturned in your new SEO campaign.


New Focus! New Strategy! Keeping in Google’s Direction

Even major SEO changes don’t immediately work.
Just be patient and wait for several months before you see some solid results.
However, if you find once again that you’re not in better position (search rankings don’t change at all), then it’s probably time for new focus, new SEO strategy, and change your direction once again.
In other words, this might indicate you to change your SEO Company or hiring a new SEO consultant who can HELP!
Remember that most SEO campaigns frequently utilize new SEO strategy while still following Google Webmaster guidelines as well as Matt Cutts video suggestions.
However, as we already know, Google have all the power to change what they want and when they want.
With that said, as Google change, your SEO strategies must also change. Simply put it, it’s okay to feel that you frequently have to find a new focus, a new SEO strategy, while keeping in Google’s direction.


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