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Cheap SEO Services - A Fraud?

You are using web as a tool to promote and market your products and services and boost online sales by bringing free traffic. By increasing the number of visits to your site, you not only increase the visibility of your site, but also increase…
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Top 10 Negative Google Ranking Factors

Last week, we released the result of a survey of Google News Ranking Factors with some of the top news sites in the business. You may have already heard about the Top 10 Positive Factors for high Google rankings, but we think it would even…
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Your Website Got Hit? How to Recover from Panda & Penguin

Google keeps updating their algorithm every now and then to ensure that webmasters are using the right SEO techniques to gain the rankings. If you got hit by Google Panda and Penguin, then you need to find what the “illness” is. When you…
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What are these cute fuzzy Google animals - Penguin & Panda?

  If you are new to SEO, then you may have little knowledge on Panda and Penguin which have been the talk for the last couple of years. Penguin and Panda are algorithms used by Google to analyze websites in order to choose which one ranks…
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Major Google Algorithm update. Get Your Site Ready!

For black hatters, it was a dark day when the big G launched its newest algorithm update designed to fight any kind of spam. Launched on the 22nd of May 2013, it’s here to make sure that spam is out of the way and only unique content and…