An important aspect of building your online reputation is to keep track of what is already been said!
Here are few tools designed to assist you in keeping track of important happenings around your business so that you can handle small problems before they grow out of control, identify opportunities to get involved, and locate people whom you want to engage.


Tools you can use to keep track of your online reputation

Setting up alerts is the best way to keep track of every mention of your name, business, brand, domain, employees, on the internet. In other words, you want to receive alerts before any problems blow out of controls and enter the search engine result pages.
And there are plenty of tools that can assist you in monitoring your online reputation, but if you’re just a small business owner or an individual, here are the most complete as well as user-friendly tools we have found for you.


Top 10 Tools YOU Can Use to Monitor Your Reputation Online


Feed Reader –


1. Feed Reader –

It’ WISE to  set up a feed reader to assist you in viewing custom feeds that you will be monitoring for your specific set of keyword phrases. The reader can be something as simple as a gadget on your iGoogle page or a feed service like Google reader.


Google Alerts –


2. Google Alerts –

Next, set up a free account with Google Alerts to keep track of your web results, blogs, video, news, and groups. Either use a feed or subscribe via email.


Yahoo Alerts –

3. Yahoo Alerts –

Sign up for Yahoo Alerts (free) to keep track of stocks, news by keyword, local news and feeds, and must more. You can get notifications either via email or through Yahoo Messenger, or through mobile.



Twitter Search –

4. Twitter Search –

This tool makes it extremely simple to search Twitter for any particular keyword phrase. Plus, the advanced search options lets you search by dates, location, links, sentiment, and by person, and more.


Technorati –


5. Technorati –

You can also search Technorati to find if someone mentions anything related with your business, blog, or any other specific keywords across wide variety of blogs. Simply subscribe to their search results feed and get instant notification of new mentions.


BackType –


6. BackType –

It is probably one of the best comment solutions available on the internet because with it, you can find comments that mention a keyword, claim your comments on blogs, and view conversations through a post or article and subscribe to them.


Social Mention –


7. Social Mention –

Like Google Alerts, Social Mention is very powerful and the results are particularly customized for social media. As Google Alerts often seems to be buggy, Social Mention, on the other hand, can immediately catch conversations pertaining to a particular keyword.
Simply subscribe to their feed, and get email notifications or you may download the report on the Excel file too.

BoardReader –

8. BoardReader –

With this tool, you can easily track conversations across various message boards and forums. You can even filter out results by a particular domain, or by date, or even by relevance.




9. Q&A Tracking –

If anyone is talking about you, or asking questions about your company, or a particular keyword, you can easily sign up at Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and then keep track of those conversations.
Plus, perform an advanced search for any particular keyword in your niche and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed that is at the bottom of the page so that you can keep track of future mentions.


Trackur –


10. Trackur –

Finally, Trackur grabs all those keywords mentions from wide variety of sources, not only from Google Alerts. The biggest usually comes from the ability to tag, share, save, and subscribe to particular feeds.
It only cost less than $20 a month and an ultimate online reputation monitoring tool for small businesses.



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