The most important thing when running a personal business is to own and claim your brand. This is very important, especially online, for by making your brand consistent you are in fact making possible for people to easily find you. You must have noticed that if you were looking for, let us take Nike for example, you will certainly find them easily and in just one search. That is mainly because their brand is claimed. You can also claim your business as your basic right and watch your business develop, as your company’s name is becoming more of a brand, rather than just a name.

Why Claim Your Brand?

It is crucial to establish your company’s brand name, so you can build up a good reputation on it and make your business more popular. Name you choose for your company should definitely sound good, and would certainly have to depict your business and professionalism. Studies have shown that people like to stick to one brand they choose in some area of expertise, and as they are motivated with need of certain service or product, their choice is often based on whether or not they find company’s brand appealing. You can hire a professional PR to help you work out your business strategy and do a research on the market your business ought to reach to. Besides from choosing your brand name, you should also take care that your company’s logo is in accordance with your actual brand, so the your next move should be hiring a web designer to make your logo appealing and loveable. Customers also choose a certain brand based on company’s logo, so the better your logo looks, the more chances you have in establishing increased popularity and claiming your brand.

How to Claim Your Brand?

You should definitely make sure that your brand is unique and avoid being a copycat. Why would anyone choose your brand over the original you have copied? By copying brand which is reserved by rights, you could also face a law suit, so instead you should come up with appealing and unique brand name and logo and get your own rights reserved to protect your brand. After you have your brand name created and your company’s logo designed, you should start your own website, blog and join social networks by making profile on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms. Being socially involved with your clients and targeted audience is proven to be a great way of claiming your brand and interacting with your potential clientele. It is crucial that you respond to your customers’ questions, feedbacks and comments, as well as to actively update your blog, social network tweets and posts, and manage your site. If your budget allows you to, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to help you claim your brand, increase your traffic and improve your ranks on search engines, so your brand could become easier to find.
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