Google Keyword Tool is a great everyday engine for every entrepreneur dealing with Google AdWords. Google Keyword Tool is actually analyzing relevancy of search keywords, brands and categories, which makes it very helpful for every online business. Recently, Google Keyword Tool has experienced some changes, having been transformed by combining Keyword Tool with Traffic Estimator, into creating new tool – Google Keyword Planner. Is Google Keyword Planner a better solution, and if so, why?

Google Keyword Tool Vs. Google Keyword Planner

In Keyword tool you could only select one country, while in new version, i.e. Google Keyword planner, you don’t have to limit your choice to just one country, instead you have multiple countries choice available. However, Keyword Planner has got a language filter, completely excluding foreign terms, unlike its previous version, which might kick out search terms of companies named in their native language, so online market would have to adjust. Also, in Google Keyword Planner, end devices are dropped, while in Tool we had end devices possible. Another change you might notice regarding match-types, where search query is not possible for wide word group, but is limited to only one possible for exact match-type in search volume. Also the number of search volume keywords has been increased from 200 to 1000 keywords, but in Keyword Planner you can only insert 50 keywords of your choice, instead of 200 in its previous version. Some of the advantages you will notice in Google Keyword Planner is that you can now also add a region, besides from adding multiple countries, while this feature was unavailable in Keywords Tool where you could add only one country with no regions allowed. Another plus which you can get with Google Planner is getting your keywords research a lot easier with new keywords limit of 1.000, and new interface seems to be more manageable and slicker. On the other hand, Google Keyword Planner has some disadvantages regarding filter options where you can only place your search terms by exact instead of using phrases and broad searches. Also, if you choose your keywords search language to be French, English words will be automatically excluded.

Google Keyword Planner review

Google Keyword Planner is new bold combination of Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool, allowing you to wrap and combine keywords, although it doesn’t actually allows you usage of multiple languages in your search terms, Google Keyword planner is getting the most out of every search by merging two types of research tools. You can also use feature that makes possible choosing more than just one country for your search terms, going in details where you can even choose a specific region. You can use up to 1.000 keywords for your search terms, which could increase the efficiency of keywords research, so this option is far better than the one used in its previous research. Interface design is now improved having managing Google Keyword Planner a lot easier. However, the highlight disadvantage of Google Keyword Planner reflects in broad keyword researches which are no longer available. Instead of using phrases and broad keyword suggestions and searches for increased trafficking, now you need to use the exact matches, which importantly decreases positive effects of your traffic keywords researching. Although this may seem as a small flaw, Google could have probably avoid to miss on negatively changing this important feature.
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