In order to build a strong online brand, you need to gain trust of search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engines usually display high quality sites over other. As you already know there are more than 100 ranking factors that will determine where your site will be placed in the search results.
Google will definitely not rank your sites if your site only relies on the search results though. You’ll have to go beyond that to, spreading your content all over the Internet (we’ll discuss below in the main article below) to get traffic from variety of sources.
The best part of these traffic sources is that they’re absolutely free, safe, and fast. You just have to post high quality content on them, and place a link pointing back to your website (backlink), and get approved.
This way, your website will come across as transparent, ethical, and trustworthy in major search engines eyes, and hence they’ll reward you to higher rankings for keywords relevant to your website.


With that said, let’s look at 8 simple ways you can become an awesome backlinker:


1. Manual linking from High PR Websites/Directories –

Backlinks through HIGH page rank (PR), or well-established, websites can help your website (pages) gain a flood of organic (free) traffic and also increase the PR of your own site during the process.
Generating backlinks from HIGH PR websites (PR5 to PR6) usually takes time and effort on your part, but it’s worth every investment. Simply post helpful and informative content and insert a keyword in a topic and the URL of the page you want to link back to, and you’re done.
HIGH PR websites such as these (below) are considered as authoritative by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • DMOZ
  • Jasmine Directory
  • Yahoo, etc


2. Press Releases –

Although press release (PR) and news announcements aren’t the best way to build backlinks for your website, nonetheless, if done correctly, it can generate very good results.
There are plenty of press release sites that publish your PR for free or at substantial amount. Write a “newsworthy” press release about a recent company activity and post them on the list below and watch the number of visitors soar.
In addition to increase in web traffic, a backlink from a reputed PR site will also help in your SEO campaigns.


3. Include URLs in Your Forum Signatures –

Unlike blogs, popular forums in your niche allows a “dofollow” (follow) link in the signature box. “Dofollow” links have higher value in terms of ranking, while “nofollow” link doesn’t have any SEO value.
Make sure you register in at least 3 different popular forums in your niche and start posting or replying regularly. After you’ve reached 30 posts, most forums will let you insert your URL in the signature box.


4. Guest Blogging –

Google are doing everything possible to avoid “spammy” web results and offer more “quality” websites for their users and you are looking to generate high quality backlinks to your website.
That’s when guest blogging kicks in to help what Google needs and generate High PR backlinks for your website.
You can use Google/Twitter search facility to find awesome guest blogging opportunities.
Use your “niche keyword” along with supporting keywords such as “guest bloggers,” “guest blogging,” “write for us,” and “guest post by,” to find HIGH page rank (PR) blogs to share your content with.


5. Social Media –

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+ have become “the place to get” high quality natural backlinks to your site because major search engines such as Google and Bing made it clear that they usually keep track of links shared on Facebook and Twitter. Awesome!
Just take these actions to create quality backlinks to you website:
  • Build a free social profile account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as there are plenty of people browsing these sites on a daily basis
  • Use free WP Plugin such as “NRelate’s Social Network Auto Poster (SNAP)” to tie your website to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter account so whenever you post a new article/blog on your website, the tool will automatically post a brief message on your social accounts.
Having a strong social media presence will benefit your site in terms of rankings and traffic.


6. Interview someone popular –

Interviewing someone who has a high “profile” in your niche will usually get a lot of attention for your blog/site. If you’re lucky, and actually did interview a famous person in your niche, be prepared to get massive amount of trackback links that wants to link to your post.


7. Create a resource section –

Do you have a free ebook that people are looking for and share it on the “Freebie” section on your website? Make sure you include important links on these free ebook so that your readers could click on it and visit back to your site?
Or create a post that includes a list of “popular” sites that offers great information about a topic and post it on your site. These are something your readers are looking for but do NOT have time to write it themselves.


8. Create great content and generate links –

Post useful, informative, and engaging content that compels people to share, like, and link to. Just look at blog posts on Steve Pavlina and CopyBlogger and you’ll understand the power of high quality content. Over the years, the amount of links you could get from awesome content has abated, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped.
If you’re good at your niche, you’ll know what people are looking for and can create plenty of posts that offer values, insights, and solutions.


Over to you. Tell us what makes you an awesome backlinker. Please comment below.


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