So you need to get organized for your backlink campaign, within few days?
During backlink campaigns, you’ll be leaving behind plenty of backlinks on various websites including blogs, sites, forums, article directories, etc. Do not forget that you’ll be changing the “landing” pages and using different anchor texts, not to mention that you’ll be using social sites too.
Once you’ve a list of top 100 “dofollow” websites for backlink generation, the next crucial step you can take is to get prepared – i.e. stay organized. But what steps could you take to organize your backlinks?
If you want to keep track of all the information about your backlinks – where you’re linking to, what types of links are you using, how many links you’re building, and what keywords are used as an anchor text, etc – then you’ll have follow 5 simple steps to stay organized and get the most out of your backlinking campaign.
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Each of backlinks you’ll generate has the full potential to promote your website, and thus, it needs a special care.


5 Steps to Take to Organize Your Backlinks


Use Excel to Store Your Link Profile


1. Use Excel to Store Your Link Profile

Use program such as Excel or Notepad to sort them out. This NOT only saves you time while searching for them later during changing your links, but also turns your link requests into a powerful link building strategies.
You want include few information in your Excel sheet such as:
  • Destination URL (blog/sites you’re leaving your comments, links, etc)
  • Keywords used in the URL
  • Landing page those backlinks points back to your sites
  • Site type – the type of the site you’re linking to (blogs, forums, article directories,  high PR sites, etc)
  • Remarks – a space to include important points to help you know what you actually did in the particular link building strategy
  • Webmaster contacts
  • SEO-factors like PR, domain age, and no. of backlinks, etc
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2. Check your backlinks for any issues that could affect their SEO value

Check to see if your backlinks are properly placed into the linking site. Also make sure that all your anchor text have the “desired” keywords in it. In addition, make sure the linking pages allow JavaScript, “dofollow” attributes (Click here to find the list of 100 dofollow websites for backlink generation), frames, and redirects, etc.
Once you have all these information in your Excel file sheet, you’ll be in a better position to make wise decisions on creating a winning backlinking link building campaign for sure.


3. Contact Website managers to fix any issues

When you need to change few things like anchor text or the landing page of your backlinks, make sure to contact the webmaster of the linking website. Open the Excel sheet you created earlier, and jot down the email and name of the person who looks after the website. Send a message notifying your intention.
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4. Keep adding new list of HIGH PR (authority) sites

No matter which niche you’re in, always keep searching for High PR website/blog(s) to add into your backlink list. Use Firefox Mozilla browser to check the SEO value of the site you’ll be linking to – i.e. the Google PR, no. of inbound links, domain age, niche relevance, etc – to ensure that you’ll target the most relevant and authoritative sites to generate backlinks from.


5. Keep track by generating report of your link profile

Over time, your link profile will grow as you use new and effective methods into your backlink building strategies. In addition to new strategies, you’ll also be adding new list of High PR sites to get the most out of your SEO link building strategies too.
So, generating a clear monthly report helps you analyze how effective your link building strategies was. If you’re not monitoring your backlinking strategies, you’re not progressing.
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Over to you!
What steps do you take to organize your backlinks? Please comment below.


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