Still struggling to get backlinks from high authority sites to skyrocket search engine rankings of your business website?
Getting “dofollow” backlinks from variety of High PR sites such as blogs, forums, and articles directories is the way to become an awesome back-linker for sure.  Check out our articles on How to be an Awesome Backlinker to learn what strategies are necessary for an effective SEO campaign.
Once you realize all the necessary steps for backlink generation, it’s time you focus on getting “link juice” from variety of sources (as I mentioned above). But most people make the mistake of getting the backlinks from any sources.
As a result, they get backlinks that usually do nothing for SEO in terms of rankings. They usually target blogs that only allow “nofollow” backlinks from the site. But “nofollow” links aren’t useful for getting better search engine rankings, though.
You need to get backlinks from High PR (well-established and high authority) sites that we’ll list here in this article and also get plenty of “dofollow” backlinks to your site, which will eventually help rank your website higher in search engines.
Isn’t that what you’re looking for? Well, if you are, then do NOT waste time commenting and leaving links just for the sake of it.
Instead, be smart and use the following High PR websites to generate “dofollow” links, starting today! 100 Compiled High PR Sites for Your Back Links


I. List of PR 7 Websites/Blogs


II. List of PR 6 Websites/Blogs The following list of sites includes both “dofollow and “nofollow” backlinks

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III. List of PR 5 Websites/Blogs

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IV. List of PR 5 Websites/Blogs

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IV. List of PR 3 Websites/Blogs

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100 Compiled High PR Sites for Your Back Links – Final Thoughts

As you saw, this list of blogs and websites are “dofollow”. In addition to getting more visibility in the search engines, “dofollow links” helps your site perform better in search engine rankings because of the “link juice” it gets from other highly reputed sites/blog (as we’ve compiled in the list above).
As a result, Google and other major search engines will rank your website better for the same keywords over other sites/blog so that you’ll enjoy more traffic than your competitors. Awesome, isn’t it?
Tips: While you’re leaving comments behind to generate a FREE “dofollow” backlink to your website, try to leave your comments on blog posts that have the least amount of “comments” on it.
Also remember that these high PR website do NOT allow useless comments liks, “Awesome Post, thanks for sharing!” or “Wow, I really liked it” etc as they think its been dropped by “automated” software just to influence your rankings. They will see this as “spam” and will place your website in their black-list.
Make sure to read the whole blog and leave a “thoughtful” comment.
Over to you! Would you like to share some HIGH PR websites/blogs in the comment below? Please, go on!


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