If you aren’t a business entity, but just an individual who went out today for a date with someone you met on the Internet, or went for a job interview, then you will probably be Googled very soon.

all about you

All About You

People want to know more about you – where you work, what type of person you are, your personality traits, and about your history – before they either decide to give you another date, or a job post that you’ve been craving for all those years.
And if something negative appears about you on the Internet, you may not be perceived the same as what you appear on the outside world. For example, one of your close friends could have posted abusive status on their Facebook profile and tagged you in their post, which could show up on the screen of your boss’s laptop.

social branding

Social Branding

With the rise of social media sites, and videos sharing sites, not mentioning article submission sites where people could post anything they want about your brand, it becomes really difficult for small business owners to keep track of all these online mentions and deal with it appropriately.
But keeping track of all these online mentions, comments, and negative reviews about you and your products should not be a cumbersome for you, especially when there are plenty of free online reputation management tools at your disposal to keep track of who is searching you and take proper action to put your best foot forward.
Recently, BrandYourself.com released a new feature in their site that allowed their visitors to know who visited their profile and from which location, a feature similar to LinkedIn and MyLife which allowed you to keep track of people searching your online profile, but not limited to a single location but from all around the web.
Free online reputation management tools will motivate its users to keep their profiles updated. The Internet is plagued with hundreds, if not thousands, of free sites than can help promote your brand without having to spend a single dime on marketing.
ORM sites such as LinkedIn, BrandYouself, MyLife, Ziggs, and Naymz keep track of hundreds of popular search engines, social media sites, and news and videos sharing sites in a single manageable platform so that you can easily know who is searching for you online.


All About You

In addition to knowing who’s searching you on the Internet, BrandYourself.com also has an easy to use dashboard that will help its users to optimize up to 3 different links. As you already know, Google keeps tab of inbound as well as outbound links to push your profiles higher in the search engine pages.
On BrandYourself.com, you’ll create  a profile page where you can link all other online profiles you’ve set up previously on the Internet, including your website, blogs, social profiles, among others. With a $10 fee, you can optimize unlimited amount of links.
Once you’ve created a profile on any of these free online reputation management tools, you can then get instant notifications if anyone posts anything about you and your brand so that you can quickly deal with it using appropriate action and keep your date and potential employer give you another date or job opportunity you’ve been dying to get.


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