If you give your business card to a new friend, or your date, or anyone you meet during the day, they’ll eventually go over to search engine and search for it.
If anything negative comes in the search result pages, it can have a disastrous effect on your online reputation and hurt your business bottom-line.
Although you may not be in a position to prevent all those negative content from displaying in search result page, nonetheless, you can still minimize its impact by utilizing few simple SEO tactics, or better, by hiring a professional SEO consultant.


Use These Simple SEO Techniques to Manage Your Online Reputation



Step #1: Analyze where you are currently

The first important step to manage your online reputation is to take charge of it. For example, search your name in Google. Do you see anything “unflattering” about your business?
If there are pictures, posts, or videos that you’d rather not show it to anyone, not even your spouse or girlfriend, simply delete them or change your private settings to stop them from displaying in search results. Use Google’s URL removal tool to completely wipe them off from the face of the Internet.



Step #2: Start Posting MORE Post Positive Content

In case you cannot get those damaging content removed from your site, then become proactive on your website and post more positive content to bury those negative comments, reviews, and mentions further down in the search result page.
In addition to posting content on your website, spread content around other HIGH authority sites such as Ezinearticles.com, HubPages.com, Squidoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as they carry more SEO weight than normal website.



Step #3. Establish a Business Hub

Another way to bury those offensive mentions further down is to post more positive content around the web, probably on high authority websites and link all of them back to a single page on your website.
Google sees each link to your website as a “vote.” More votes your page has, more valuable Google thinks your page is, and as a result, ranks your website over all pages on search result pages.
This is probably the simplest yet efficient way to bury all negative mentions from the Internet.


Step #4. Automate the Process

You may be able to handle online management yourself for a short while, but as your business grows, things can become unmanageable quite easily.
If you cannot handle your online reputation management tasks yourself, we highly suggest you to outsource them for a small fee.
Proper SEO strategies can help improve your online reputation by creating more positive content about your business as well as create a single brand with consistent content and design elements.


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