Sometimes things just don’t feel right. All of our life, we intend to work hard for our business, save loads of money, and then buy a house, go for a long vacation, and live happily ever after.
Isn’t this a complete formula for a well-lived life that most people plan and strive to reach? Sure it does seem great at first but as you walk down the life’s path, you will realize you were meant to do and be something MORE.
Life’s unpredictability and complicated nature can easily heighten our stress and anxiety levels. As a result, we become stuck and paralyzed by the chaos of events, life, and work all around us.
With nothing reasonable to guide us ahead, we become still.
We start to over-think about all the opportunities life presents before us as each path look even worse than the previous ones and thus inhibits us from action.
Spinning down this spiral of anxiety, we become stagnated in life and start to feel hopeless.
I was in the same situation as many of you probably have been. One day, I decided to take an unexpected trip that would change the course of my life. I tool an unpredictable path, where I only learned, adapted, and finally, grew to understand myself better a person.
Although it led me towards a life that wasn’t perfect of grand, but somehow it all made sense.
This breathed a fresh air into my soul. I started to make me feel alive again although the road was full of uncertainty around me.
Over the past few years, in my own journey trying to find out which path I should tread on, I eventually started to learn a lot about those factors that would ultimately help me discore what I was meant to do.
As a result, I left my 9-5 corporate job and transformed myself into a freelance writer, salsa dancer, and a gym instructor. Although I am not sure what new few years will unfold for me, I  am at least open for new and better opportunities.
If you are hard at work, here are 3 things you can learn to find a new direction in life.

1#: Do something new. At least give it a try.

Stop thinking so much about a far off place or an event that is full of uncertainty. Instead immediately take action and start doing things. Not only you will feel better about yourself immediately, but you will also be working towards something that is really certain – i.e. your actions.
Although you may not have control over things that is outside yourself, but you always have control over your actions, words, and thoughts.
Always be asking, trying, moving, experimenting, engaging, and walking forward as these will keep you one step forward than were you were before. And you will never know where that one step will lead you.

2#: Stop Over-Analyzing and -Thinking

So much of life’s anxiety and stress stems from the fact that we spend so much time analysing and thinking. We asks all sorts of questions, countless nights, lying awake, and entertaining those thoughts and wrestling with our soul.
So much time is spent to figure out what it is that we want to be in life that we often get defeated even before we begin. All those over-analysis and thinking gets us nowhere but only waste our precious time.
The truth is that no matter how experienced and smart we may be, we cannot tell what the future holds for us. Life is moving fast and so interconnected that we cannot really predict where we will end up in five or 10 years from now.
There’s just no way to know and that is not a bad thing really! Why? Because we won’t be basing our choices based on some stupid forcast that will likely turn out wrong.
Instead, you will making choices based on what is really important to you. Not tomorrow but right here and right now.
When we start to accept the unpredictable nature of life and stop over-rationalizing and over-analyzing, we will start to live a more fulfilling life in the present moment. This will eventually help us open to all sorts of wonderful possibilities that life has to offer to us today.

3. Learn to Trust Your Gut.

While I was starting out, I thought that the more I read and knew, the more I would be able to make a better decision. But as I tried to dig more information, the hole got so deep that I got buried inside it.
Overwhelmed and confused with so much knowledge, not mentioning conflicting in nature, I just could not understand what or whom to believe.
And then I just let it go. I let go of all those knowledge and started trusting my gut feelings on things.
I started taking chances. I took baby steps walking ahead in the dark. Sometimes I would fall. But then I would get back up and took another direction. I did this over and over again. Of course the first few steps were the hardest but eventually I found my way as I learned to listen my own inner voice.
I am sure I was wrong often, but overtime, they only got better because I wasn’t just sitting there and wishing things. I was out there and doing things.
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