The rolling out of Google Penguin 2.0…

Finally, the most improved algorithms- Google Penguin 2.0 is live. After its launch on the 22nd May of 2013, Matt Cutts promised a whole new experience with the new innovation. When it comes to page ranking by Google, webmasters who have always relied on black hat methods, might be having a long day as they won’t be able to do a great deal with black hat methods anymore. The update is more powerful than it’s predecessor. It’s known to have the best technology that will ensure proper scanning of backlinks in order to keep off spam links.


What is it all about?

As you all know Google keeps updating their stems in order to ensure that webmasters gain page rank is a genuine way. Unlike the keyword usage thing they used long ago, Google will use new techniques to rank websites on their search results. Google is using penguin 2.0 to approach a more thorough scanning of backlinks and the methods used for page ranking. Google is working on ensuring that only the sites that give their customers what they promised get the places in their SERP. In simple terms, your customer should get the content they came to check out in your site. Therefore, if you were giving tips on how to cut belly fat, the content there should give real and viable methods to cut belly fat.


What are the consequences of Penguin 2.0?

There are some major websites that have been slapped by Google for using bad SEO strategies. Generally here are some of the things that will happen as a result of Penguin 2.0.
Adult content backlinks are useless
After a thorough scrutiny of your website links, Google will slap you when it finds any links originating from an adult site. Porn links are going to be treated as spam and this may affect your rankings.
Hackers will be exposed
After Google updates their hack site, it will be easier for them to identify hack sites. With the help of the webmaster tools, it will be easier for Google to report any hackers.
The death of guest blogging
Since Google realized that most guest posts seem legit but are full of links, it will be useless after penguin 2.0 to write a post in order for you to get the backlink. Whenever possible, it’s good to use an original bio for each of your websites or blogs.
Multiple language websites
The website that use more than one language will be affected by the changes that come with Google penguin 2.0.
Cliff hanging will be a thing of the past
For hardworking people who have nice websites; they don’t have anything to worry about. Nevertheless, for those who are using bad SEO techniques, they will suffer with penguin 2.0 as it doesn’t allow any site to stay in the middle-not bad not good.
Sites which command respect in their respective niches will enjoy more in terms of rankings in the said niche. Therefore, if you are one of the owners of certain niche websites, make sure you work hard and smart enough enough to top in your niche.



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