Blogging have undoubtedly become one of the best marketing tools to help grow your small business into a strong brand.
The more you utilize this tool, the better results you’ll start to see for you business in terms of search engine rankings, increase in traffic, and establishing yourself as a “go to place.”
While there are several ways to promote your business – online advertising (paid) for example – blogging nonetheless acts one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that provide the best ROI and for FREE.
No wonder why most small, large, and web-based companies are utilizing blogging as a way to reach to their target audience, generate quick ROI (sales), and build a strong online presence.
Just consider blogging for the next 6 months and you’ll start to see how powerful it can be to act as a marketing tool for your business. So, let’s look at some of the blogging benefits to help grow your business.


Blog Your Way to the Top:


Blogging keeps your static site fresh and alive


#1 Blogging keeps your static site fresh and alive

In early 1990s, thousands of website popped up overnight on the Internet as an alternate to business card – a better and faster way to build their authority and credence to their business. That’s how the concept of static website emerged.
As time went by, small static websites started to face difficult time optimizing their site because of the limited number of pages to attract and lure their visitors. On the other hand, things went pretty bad for people going the opposite direction – i.e. by posting excessive pages on site.
Adding fresh content on a weekly or even daily basis on topics that are industry specific is very healthy for your website.


 Blogs Are Excellent Marketing Tools For Your Business


#2 Blogs Are Excellent Marketing Tools For Your Business

Just Google for any topic and you’ll come across excellent examples of how powerful a blog can be for maintaining your online reputation and building great relationships with your customers. But the biggest question that most small business faces today is whether to insert the blog section on their existing website or create is as a separate entity?
Most small business owners have different opinions on this!
Some entrepreneurs think attaching a blog to the corporate site gives more control, while others find it spreading their content on wide variety of online directories to get link juice to their website which will in turn help attract more clients.


Attract and Lure Customers to Your Site


#3 Attract and Lure Customers to Your Site

Blog is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool available for small business to get their site to the next level. Your blog posts, whether if it’s on-site or off-site, will help drive your targeted visitors to your services, products, contact forms, and other forms of promotions.
In addition, a blog will not only help build your business, but it will also encourage your visitors to come back to your site to check out new content, latest developments, and current trends revolving around your brand.
When you become “the place to go” for those types of information, then you’ll become a reliable source for your customers.


Establish Yourself as an Authority Figure


#4 Establish Yourself as an Authority Figure

Another benefit of blogging is that it allows you to position you and your company as a “go to place” on topics relevant to your niche. But having too much content focused around your products and services can be counter-productive too. You need a balance approach!
You want to give relevant information frequently, but also encourage people to convert by asking them to submit their information through newsletter signups, or email you, or simply order your products. Blogs lets you do that and in several different ways.
For example, you can create a long blog post, offering in-depth analysis on a specific topic. On other posts, you can publish current events and trendy topics that will eventually position yourself as a place to go!


#5 A Great Place to Place All Information

If you’ve already set up a small business site, you probably have a limited amount of pages (5 to 10 pages) on it. Over time, you will want to promote new products, or rather new version of the existing ones, or offer other promotions to retain your visitors back to your site. Where do you place these new bits of information on your static site?
Well, blog acts as an ideal place to keep all these tiny time sensitive information. Blog posts are chronologically placed, with the recent post at the top and older ones at the bottom.
If you’ve realized, search engines often index your website for fresh content. Posting content on your blog will help it index on search engine and also allow your visitors to quickly know about recent updates and promotions when they look for you on the Internet.
Well, comment below if you think blogging is a great way to reach to the top. Share your ideas, tips, and insights below! Oh, please do NOT forget to sign up for our newsletter and receive a free eBook on “SEO Basics!”


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