The main objective of B2B marketing is to get MORE clients. No one can doubt on this fact, but how to perform B2B marketing in order to get clients is the question!
In this guide, we’ll cover some of the cost-effective yet high-impact important steps you can follow to attract MORE clients. You perform B2B marketing in a way that won’t make you shrink away, gamble your hard earned money on long term campaigns, or endure cold calling rejections.
But most importantly, these 7 ways you can reach out to B2B customer will forge a relationship with your prospect a respectful, genuine, and spam-free way.
You want to make your prospects to feel fortunate to have found you, rather than, willing to do anything to avoid you. So, in this guide, we will uncover few golden rules you can employ to treat people in a friendly and professional manner just like you would want others do to you.

Find 10 Companies:Contact Persons You Want to Do Business With


1. Find 10 Companies/Contact Persons You Want to Do Business With

You want to find an ideal prospect. You want to know what industry they are in. How large should they be in order to fit and afford your business products and services?
Similarly, don’t go and hunt for 1000 of different prospectus. If 10 is good, then stick to that number as you cannot give your undivided attention to all those 1000 customers.
Starting with small lets you work smarter, complete the process faster, and make a great impact.

Inquire About the SEO Consultant and Accept No Secrets Get active ONLINE as a person, NOT as a salesman

2. Get active ONLINE as a person, NOT as a salesman

– Setup up a Google Alerts to receive daily summary of news, reports, and other information from the list of 10 companies and right into your inbox.
Through Google Alert, you can quickly scan to see if there is any relevant news you can respond to. If there are, grab a note card, jot down a quick and relevant message, drop your business card, and send it off.
Likewise, visit their website to know if they participate in social networks. People often participate in Social Media to engage with like-minded people, get attention, and promote their message and brand.
So, follow them on Twitter, or “Like” their Facebook page. Are they in Google+? Well, give “+1” on appropriate updates. Do they have a blog? Find out what topics they write about, leave a thoughtful comment – but refrain from leaving any hints of sales.

Use LinkedIn to Find Common Contacts

3. Use LinkedIn to Find Common Contacts

If you’re in LinkedIn, use its search tool to find more connections. On the right side, scroll down to see a sandbox of connections. At the top, you will see any connections you may have in common.
This is a precious piece of information because you can now ask the person who is in common to make an introduction.
When it comes to introduction, a face-to-face introduction is always the best method; however, an email introduction is “okay” too. After you get a face-to-face or email introduction, it’s probably a good time to ask the person to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Don’t Spam People, Instead Court them

4. Don’t Spam People, Instead Court them

After you’ve made a connection to contacts on your list, court them, and not spam them! Remember, there are several stages the prospect needs to go in order to become an ideal client.
If you are tempted to skip a stage, you may get customers who doesn’t value you or your products and your services and is less than happy to buy. If you try to prematurely skip steps, like trying to sell before building value, you may also risk damaging the relationship you have built with them earlier.
Worse still, if someone in common had made the introduction on your behalf, they won’t be eager to make another introduction for you once they hear you went for hard sell with their colleague or friend.

Show Genuine interest!

5. Show Genuine interest!

Find ways to Strengthen the Relationship

6. Find ways to Strengthen the Relationship

As you begin to learn more about your ideal prospect, you will also likely find out who their ideal prospect is. Is there someone you know you could refer to them who requires their products and services?
Have you come across white papers, articles, or blog posts, that you think would be of interest to them? Likewise, if they have something commendable, and if you have a connection with a reporter, you may want to look to make for an introduction.
Have you read an interesting business book? Why not send them 10 copies of it to each of your client in the top 10 list? Include a note mentioning what you think is interesting about the book and what they might find interesting.
For example, I use stickers with my business information on the front. I stick them on the books I give out. So, after months, they will still remember who sent them.


7. Add Another 5 Companies on Your List, Every month

At the end of each month, make sure you add another 5 companies to your list. Don’t be tempted to add 100 of new connections as you know you won’t be able to put your energy and attention to all of them. If this happens, you will likely lose more connections.
Start with small number of connection with them. Provide your best and complete services to them before including another client. This way, you will provide a formidable service to your clients.


Recap of 7 Ways You Can Reach out to B2B Customers:

Unlike direct marketing strategies, where most companies send their connection request to the mass with no differentiation or personalization, these 7 relationship-building ways will make you stand out. You will have a prospect that will be more eager to do business with you. If they aren’t ready to do business with you, at least they’ll be very likely to refer you to someone who is.


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