CTR is the rate at which your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are clicked. This rate is the number of people who view your ad impressions and those who actually click through it (“Impressions” refers to the number of times the ad is being viewed).
If your ad impressions gets low number of clicks, your ads will have a low click-rate through.
As an advertiser, your ultimate goal must be increasing your CTR so that you get the maximum benefits – bring more people on your landing pages and gives you great results that justifies all the money you’re spending for these marketing campaigns.
Why Click-Through Rates is Important for Your Business?
Click-Through rate is crucial to any marketing campaigns as it directly helps to gain high Quality score. Search marketing platforms such as Google AdWords offer discounts on pricing for ads that are highly relevance to the search phrases. So, if your ad copy is relevant and satisfies Google searchers, your ad will get a higher Quality score.
a)     High CTR rates leads to high Quality scores.
b)     This high quality ad score will allow you to maintain or improve ad position in relatively lower costs.
c)     Achieving high CTR also means that you’ll be driving a lot of traffic to your offering.
What Makes A ‘Good’ CTR?
“It depends!”
Visit Yahoo Answers and ask, “What constitute a good click-through rate” and you’ll find the best response to be, “It depends.”
Yes, your CTR will not be the same for all your ad campaigns. The campaign will change and vary from one keyword to another. Likewise, the click-though rate will also change from one keyword to another.
Everything that goes into making your ad display on Google and other search engines plays a huge part into achieving the click-through rate. Your ad copy, the keywords used in it, the relevance of the copy, and its rankings – all play an important role to get a ‘good’ click-through rate for your ads.
Although you want to get a ‘high’ click-through rate, honestly speaking, there’s no magic bullet for this. And certainly, you do not want to achieve a high CTR that could actually be bad for your business.

When High CTR Can Become Bad For Business?

If you are using irrelvant keywords or keywords that are competitive in your ad copy, then a high CTR is going to be bad for your business.
These ad copies does not help generate leads, sales, and branding gains because they do not ‘target’ relevant audience.
Irrelevant ad copy will only spend your money without bringing customers to your business. When you are actually paying for every ad click, why not make it relevant and try to target people who are really interested in?
Sometimes keywords are priced way too high and if you’ll be generating high CTR through it, it may not profit you even if they convert.
So, what you do not want is a high click-through rates for all ad copy, but high CTRs on keywords that are ‘affordable.’

Keywords that will make you profit.

First of all, you want to target the ‘right’ keywords for your ad copy. Create a brief and relevant ad copy. Then, finally, achieve a good click rate through by getting as many people to click through those ads.
What a PPC Advisor Should Offer You?
A professional PPC solution Advisor should offer you with:
a)     List of targeted keywords you can bid on.
b)     Cheaper and cost-effective click alternatives that will save you money.
c)     Tools and marketing tactics that will tightly integrate your AdWord keywords with the ad copy and the landing pages.
d)     Segment keywords into categories to bring targeted visitors on your site.
Are your CTR optimized?
If you are not sure where your CTRs need to be, then contact us to get a FREE report that will analyze your current AdWords click-through rates.
Click through rate analysis can never get this easier!
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