A proper and wise selection of SEO toolkit is necessary for diagnosing any technical issues and proper optimization of your website. Selecting a proper toolkit can sometimes is very confusing tasking due to the presence of various SEO toolkits in the market.
Here we will provide you with a list of SEO toolkit that you can use to optimize your website and for developing and optimizing your newbie website. The toolkit on the list consists of both free and paid toolkits, you can choose what u think will suit your needs best.


Tracking your Backlinks or Backlinks from Other Sites:

  • Screaming Frog (paid and free)
    – You can easily download and install this toolkit on your computer. This toolkit is available in both free and paid version. This toolkit makes issues that need attention easily visible so you can fix them in time. A great feature about this toolkit is that it will allow you to export URL’s, page titles and other things to an excel spreadsheet so that you get a clearer and better view about your site.
  • Majestic SEO (paid and free)
    – This toolkit will provide you with set of link tools that will allow you to track and analyze any domain.
    The features of this toolkit:
    Site explorer – This feature will allow you to go deep down and explore any URL
    Keyword checker – This feature allows you to search for a keyword or phrases and track of how many times it appears on search engines, apart from providing you with information on search volumes based on primary organic data.
    Backlink history – This feature will allow any SEO professional to find information and the number of backlink present in a domain, sub domain and URL.
    Although Majestic SEO’s toolset have some free features, it will be much better if you opted for the paid version of this toolkit, as you will get more additional features.
  • Google Webmasters Tools
    – One of another free tools from Google, this is a highly recommended tool as this will show you how your site looks on Google and will make you aware if your site is infected with malware and of different issues on the site like 404.
  • IIS SEO Toolkit
    – This is a highly recommended SEO toolkit and it is free. This tool will help you analyze every SEO aspects of your site like the URL’s, contents and structure. IIS SEO toolkit will clearly show you the issues on your site that may affect your SEO standings like a broken link on a page or if a title of a page is too long. The main feature of this toolkit is that it will mark errors or the aspects of the site that need attention with a red X so that it will be easily noticed and corrected. Another reason to get this toolkit is that it is a Microsoft tool and can analyze up to 1 million pages at one time.

Finding Targeted Keywords:

  • Google free Adwords tool (free)
    – A great free tool from Google, it allows a user to find keyword ideas which will be best for their site and also phrases that can help direct traffic to your site. It can help you determine which keywords will be helpful for traffic increment.
  • KGen (free)
    This tool is a Firefox extension. The tool allows you to see the data of various strong keywords used in different sites. The Firefox extension plugin retrieves data from sites about the words which are used heavily on the content of various sites and allows you to make a correct selection relying on the data.
  • Keyword discovery (paid)
    if you are willing to pay some amount for your keyword search process then this site is one of the most popular keyword finding tools available. This tool will supply you with more than 1800 keyword and phrases to use for your site. Another feature of this tool is that it lets you search for specific keywords results and phrases for different countries.
  • SEMrush
    – This tool helps you with the keywords that drives traffics to your site and provides you with information on your competitor’s rankings, keyword searches and traffic data.

Web Analytics:

  • Google Analytic (free)
    – A free SEO tool from Google, this allows you to track on your website on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis so you can understand how your site is faring on the web. It will give you detailed information on where your visitors are coming from to visit your site. It is a great tool to keep a track on your website and to compare the results of the tracking to see where and how much your site has progressed.
  • Traffic Travis (free)
    A desktop application which offers a suite of free SEO tools. The analytic tool of this application will allow you to identify important information about your sites rankings, number of backlinks and various optimizations for important pages.

Live Tracking Tool:

  • Live tracking tool
    – is how you as a user grasp the knowledge and information you see on other sites like the content, page setups and keywords, and links. You can use your user experience to gather information from other sites to make your site better and SEO friendly.


Be sure to choose the right tools for your SEO and always be updated about any new tools coming out in the market. Some tools tend lose their effectiveness with time and in the technological world because nothing stays same for a long time. Keep yourself well informed and always be on the lookout for new tools that surface up on the market that might be the right one for you. If you have knowledge about some great SEO tools or are using one then do let us know about them so we can add them on this list to make it even more informative.


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