If your site/blog isn’t ranking higher in search engines and driving the amount of traffic to it, you are probably doing SEO wrong. Most entrepreneurs, especially those who do not understand the importance of SEO for their business, simply build their website in a rush and hope that offline marketing like worth of mouth will give them a competitive advantage over others.
With search engine listings, any business has a potentially bring thousands, if not millions, of free traffic (potential customers) to your website. With search engines like Google, any startup can outperform giant companies who spend millions of dollars to rank in the first page.
With that said, we thought you might be interested to learn some of the SEO facts and figures so that you understand how important it is today to be in the online sphere for a long time.


SEO facts and figures you do not want to miss:

  • Websites that aren’t optimized for search engines will not be found on the Internet.
  • If you need your website to be on the 1st page, you’ll have to perform keyword research to find profitable keywords that are worth targeting after.
  • Almost 85% of search engine users look at the top 10 results on the 1st page.
  • By placing keywords in the meta description, keyword, or title tags will list your site on search engines for that keyword
  • To optimize your website, you’ll have to remember two things – on-page SEO (optimizing content on your site) and off-page SEO (optimizing your content outside your own site).
  • Blackhat SEO methods such as keyword stuffing (inserting keywords all over the page to influence rankings) and link farming (posting content on low quality sites) will get your website penalized, and at worst, banned.
  • Hiding text or links into your pages will boost page rank, however, if caught; it will get you banned from search engine result.
  • Flash based sites aren’t indexed properly on search engines database.
  • You need to post fresh content if you want to keep your website ranking where it is now, or even higher.
  • More than 73% people use search engines to purchase products.
  • More than 70% users click on organic links instead of paid advertisement seen at the sidebar of most search engines.
  • More than 81% of businesses think that setting up a blog is an important asset.
Over to you! Have you optimized your website for search engines? What steps do you take to optimize your website and its content? Please comment below!


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