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Drupal is a website content management system utilized by upto 2% of all websites worldwide, as their backend platform. It is a free and open-source content management framework system. The drupal is a very malleable framework that lets you to set up a highly-functional and customisable, scalable website which is aesthetically appealing as well.

Drupal is programmed using PHP language and the framework is licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License. In spite of Drupal offering a robust programming interface for skilled developers, only nominal technological knowledge is needed by a user requiring just basic website installation and administration.

Benefits of installing Drupal

Easily customizable modules
While it may haven’t been the case all along, Drupal is getting incrementally better and easier to utilize and update your website. Modules and themes can be updated on the fly without the need to download any files.

Drupal modules are of high-quality and about 99% of these modules are available free-of-cost to be installed in your website. Due to the collaborative nature existing in development and modification of different Drupal modules, an innumerable amount of modules are available that function in any conceivable mode that might be required by a user.

Efficient content management
As the content updated on your website incrementally grows, it turns out to be a nightmare trying to manage this vast volume of information. But in the case of Drupal, this powerful website content management system, pools all of this content together and provides you with handy filters to help you sift through all data. Once your find the required content, it is a breeze to edit it using the Edit tab.

All in all, Drupal might appear to have a complex framework but it is one of the most robust and flexible CMS out in the market.

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