Hundreds of thousands of small businesses launch every month, but only handful of them, less than 10%, of them become successful online!
If you want to be among the top 10, you’ll have to follow some simple yet powerful techniques to turn your online business into a successful venture. Here are our top 5 simple rules for running a successful online business:
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5 Powerful Rules to Run a Successful Online Business!

1. Keep your website simple and organized.


1. Keep your website simple and organized.

Most entrepreneurs want to become successful really fast, and they “over-design” their website to appeal cool and stand out from the crowd. Sites with heavy use of flash animations, background music, and tons of graphics only loads it, and not offer great user-experience.
Instead on loading you site with ads and links, why not focus on being well-organized so that your visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. Is the text on your website is easy to read? Using dark text on a light background is the way to enhance user-experience on your site.
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Engage your visitors(s).


2. Engage your visitors(s).

Actively making your visitors participate on your website is the easiest and best way to build “trust,” “loyalty,” and eventually more “sales.” Set up a “blog” on your website and open it for comments and promote it by sending newsletters, and ask for their feedback. If you’re a big company, add a discussion forum to allow your visitors to create their own topics and share their ideas.


Use social profile to share your content.


3. Use social profile to share your content.

Set up profiles on major social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest to share, converse, and inform people. Also, include social widgets like Facebook like, or Pinterest badge, on the sidebar on your website so that your visitors can “keep up” with you on their social profiles as well.


4. Do not over-optimize your site.

The hottest topic on Online marketing these days is search engine optimization (SEO). There’s a reason for that – SEO helps optimize your website and pages to rank higher in search engine pages like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that you get organic (free) traffic to increase online conversion.
However, many online businesses go way too far!
They “stuff” keywords in their pages, blogs, or notifications. As a result, they not only get dropped from search engine rankings, but also get banned from search engine result display pages too because it’s totally against Google’s guidelines.
Over-optimizing also makes their content less readable and likeable.


5. Keep your visitors coming back on your site.

Almost half of the online businesses thrive because of repeat visitors on their site. There are several ways to give reasons for your visitors to keep coming back to your site. For instance, you can mention that you’ll be posting another post in the series in the coming week (just make sure to post topics that they really want to know more about.) Or, you could send a newsletter informing your loyal customer that you’ll be offering a discount offer on a certain day of the month. Lastly, adding regular helpful tips, tricks, and techniques via blog is a sure-fire way to get repeat visitors to your site.
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